8th Chakra Activation with Hemma Hardin | Awaken Ep. 26

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The momentum is flowing, and the activations are coming though. The most recent of these activations is the one brought through by Hemma Hardin in this episode of Awaken.

Hemma, Founder of The Ascended Entrepreneur Mastery School, is in her power, and is inviting all others into theirs. This is an invitation for a new type of experience.

In a world where the dominant paradigm is that we learn through hard-ship, Hemma asks you to challenge this type of thinking. Her message is this; it’s time for us to transcend these programs.  She let us know that we no longer have to live out repeating cycles of guilt, fear, doubt, and dimmed self-worth. We can move beyond all of it. We can activate our divinity and multidimensionality in these physical bodies.

To help you with this, about half way through our conversation, Hemma gets into bringing in an activation. Trust me when I say you’re going to want to stick around for this.

It’s time to go big family.


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