A New Collective Push (More Understanding of Divine Power) | the Arcturian Council and My Guides [video]

A New Collective Push (More Understanding of Divine Power) | the Arcturian Council and My Guides [video]

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As always, set an intention to receive these words through your heart space. Love you my friends? Transcript below

(You may be feeling this urgency for the next two to three months)

  1. Being urged to radiate out your power
    More consistently, and “on purpose”
    More attention to radiating love from within your field
    We are being urged to put this into intentional practice as often as possible.
    A collective movement (of all human consciousness) to consciously exact our power of creation within all situations, regardless of other players (actors) involved.
  2. Also more urgency to practice consciously holding frequency
    Practice (not force)
    Through attention to bodily sensations, emotions, and situations
    • Once again, experiencing more immediate consequences of misalignment (which present physically)
    • Experiencing more rapid “situational” manifestations resulting from continued lowered frequencies

This is a Human Collective Consciousness NEXT LEVEL step
to further empower…
and take collective aim at correcting and clearing out the energies that are out of balance
Beginning to put preferred structures into place
Not all human consciousnesses involved are “awakened” consciously on the planet, but nevertheless are participating (merely playing out their role in the process here as planned)

These structures are merely functions of yourselves.
“They are (will be) indistinguishable from yourselves…”
• The Arcturians are saying that the desired “corrective” structures (institutions, money or trade systems, eduacation, etc.), will be mirrors of US.
• And therefore, only as we further understand and then embrace the nature of our powerful SELVES, will we see the reflection of that in these structures (as presenting within our perceived physical realm)

  1. Pushed toward the full understanding of your Sovereign Divine Creator power
    *Understand that you hold within you the power of symbolism, magic, and mastery, and understand the nature of symbolism

This engages the power both to create what you require
(including the experiences which expand us), and also to release what you no longer require at any given moment.

Humans have largely forgotten the true Understanding of symbolism and ritual
The true source of the power is within the energetic field of the BEING

Because of locked in beliefs (or mental imprinting), that are still being filtered out and released, we believe that the power of a ritual cannot generate from within us.
Holding this belief will cause both conscious creation and intentional “release” of structures and energies to be more difficult to execute.

The Arcturians:
…Symbolism is important. Symbolism garners energetic support from the collective. In other words, the Beings that have gone before, or that are with you now… who also participate in the symbolic event, in symbolic nature or tradition or steps (if you will), processes in order to execute the releasing or the clearing or whatever it is… it has more energetic support in this way. And so symbolism in that way can be beneficial.
[…to be continued within a complete channeled message later]

Humans can use symbolism and ritual at any point to Create (from energy)
or Release and Transmute energy
• Many may think they understand this, but still either really do not believe that they are capable of it
• And there is still a collective deep mistrust (because of the widely distorted definitions and misuse of this power)
Intentional misuse of this will cause great imbalance in a civilization and thus cause great harm. The intention must always be directed through the heart.
This is a Natural Human Trait and Divine Right… the natural way of Being connected to Source and Each Other

The Arcturians had more to say about using your power and the process of releasing.
I will upload their short channeled message about that very soon.

[The Arcturians came through at the end here with a little more about the “structures” being put into place]

Thank you for listening!
Love you my friends, Namaste 🙂

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