Your World Is a Mirror: Activating from the Inside-Out

Your World Is a Mirror: Activating from the Inside-Out

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In your highest state of being, nothing of the world plays influence on how you feel. The frequency that you reside in is one that you have chosen prior to/in isolation from anything that you perceive of as happening “outside of you”.

The importance of this cannot be understated. For your world, your physical experience, is a manifestation of your state of Being. You are creating your reality as a means of experiencing who you are, and such, your reality reflects on to you what is happening within you. Your world is a mirror.

Creating/manifesting a greater experience of reality relies upon a shift in your own state of consciousness/frequency – i.e. a shift in how you feel. By healing, loving, and positively transmuting aspects within yourself, your reality will consequently reveal a more invited/pleasant experience. In this way, your reality is teaching you about you, and supporting you in ascending in your state of being and simultaneously actualizing higher experiences of reality.

This is your ascension process that is happening both within and without. You are activating greater expressions of yourself, state of being, and experience of reality.

It is to support you in activating higher in these 3 dimensions (state of being, expression of self, and experience of reality) that I created the Activation Process. The Activation Process is a 4-phase for activating what I call the 3 dimensions of being in Highest Alignment: your activated state, Higher Self, and Highest Timeline. Upon completing the process, one will have activated their Higher Purpose. 

To learn more about/initiate your process, head on over to this page.

If you are one of those souls that came to this planet to serve the ascension of the collective consciousness, we're looking for you...

The Ascend Academy is Uniting & Activating Lightworkers

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