Another Infusion of Intense Energies: What you may be experiencing and why | with the Arcturians [video]

Another Infusion of Intense Energies: What you may be experiencing and why | with the Arcturians [video]

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As always, set an intention to receive these words through your heart space. Love you my friends? Transcript below.

What you may experience…

  1. Drowsiness, the sudden need for a lot of sleep, but then wakefulness during the night or at odd hours
  2. Seemingly “unwanted thoughts” coming in… as a result of you being urged to look at the truth about what it is you need to receive and release
    The “unwanted” old thought patterns are coming in because more is being revealed to you about what you must let go of.
    • Observe your innermost feelings about a person or situation, in order to truly let go of familiar judgments
    • You must do this to rise to your desired level of Mastery and continued Higher Self integration.
    • • Practice releasing the feeling, the emotion of judgment “in the moment”
  3. There is a desire to move forward, but without feeling the physical drive or the direction…
    • Feels like a “standstill”
    • This is very temporary
  4. Need for different foods than you typically would eat
    • Due to the shift in intensity of energies
    • Foods (and behaviors) that may promote rest and healing, all focused toward balance

All of this is focused toward balance and to prep the ground for the “rebuilding” that is coming (as the Arcturians put it).
The Arcturians are also saying:
• “This is of the utmost importance. Get your rest.”
• Come out of “fight mode” and get into unconditional love and acceptance mode
(this is referring to others around you, MAJOR theme
right now)

The Arcturian Council:
Part of this is a result of, and also to perpetuate, the withdrawing that you need to do in order to “still yourselves” moving into the next succession, the next point of action… the next integration… the next realization… This is all with purpose. You must not endure others’ drama. Simply look around you and observe. There is much to observe here, you see. Letting go is just a property of this transaction, this going forward.
End Transmission.

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