Avoid Feeding Timelines of Fear (and short message about Shamanic abilities) | The Arcturian Council [video]

Avoid Feeding Timelines of Fear (and short message about Shamanic abilities) | The Arcturian Council [video]

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As always, set an intention to receive these words through your heart space. Love you my friends? See transcript below.

The Arcturians:
You each and All do you have the shamanic abilities within you from eons of lives (spoken in terms of time). You can pull them forward “at will”. The problem is you do not trust what you are pulling forward. And this is fine. there is nothing wrong with that. This is where you will merge a little bit of research, investigation, open hearted investigation, find what resonates with you and lean toward that but the resonating with you is all about feeling it out in your heart space through love.

Stay away from the fear promoting things. It’s not that you should not listen to or understand events that could be fear provoking. So we are not saying stay in the dark and do not understand what has happened, will happen, is happening… What we are saying is, stay away from the provocative nature of things that instigate your willingness to or instigate your need to seek out just those timelines of fear. There is an infinite number of timelines of this and you keep reaching you will find. You keep reaching you will find. Does that make sense? You keep reaching you will find… Instead, reach for the healing. Learn, know, understand what is has happened, will happen and is happening, but reach for the healing.

That is what we mean by coming out of the fear. And again, there is an infinite number of possibilities to keep you busy and distracted from your true nature. You did not come here for that. This feels familiar and easy to do and get caught up in because it is what has been a normal mode of operation in the 3-D matrix. Consider this as you choose how to interpret and respond to the information that you receive.
We love you! We are the Arcturian Council. End transmission.

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Blessings my friends?

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