Harnessing Your Power to Manifest

Harnessing Your Power to Manifest

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Are you unconsciously mentally playing out unwanted experiences?

Thought is the seed to manifestation. Attention placed on visualization/anticipation of an experience, draws energy toward the materialization of said experience. The more energy you direct towards thinking of a potentiality reality (with underlying belief in it’s potential to manifest), the more that its associated circumstances will take on form.

This is reflective of your power as a Creator Being, and it’s a power that can be either consciously or unconsciously. You can consciously choose to create your reality, or you can allow unconscious mental patterns/programs to do so. All the same, it’s you and your power that creates.

Harnessing focus then, is the key to activating your potential. Practice steadiness and control of the mind. Make the mind your friend, and not out to be the enemy. The mind isn’t something to try to fight, because doing only creates greater inner turmoil.

Observe your entire experience with acceptance, and simply allow what doesn’t serve you to pass on by. You don’t need to identify with a thought that doesn’t align with the higher expression of self you wish to be.

In learning to embrace the entire experience, you’ll find yourself coming into greater harmony inside-out. And when your in harmony with yourself and with Life, the two will begin to work as One.

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