Impact, Involvement, & Deep Fulfillment with Nicolas Canon | Awaken Ep. 59

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There’s nothing spiritual about abandoning the world. You can feel both fulfilled within yourself and deeply involved with and impactful in the world. Nicolas Canon joins us in this episode of Awaken to show us how.
Don’t be the monk who couldn’t pay his bills

In This Episode Nico & I Explore:

  • going on a Vision Quest; spending time with, and getting to know ourselves and what we truly desire
  • finding a sense of fulfillment internally oppose to being driven-by and acting from a sense of need and compulsion
  • being involved with and creating impact in the world from a state of fulfillment – living with deep involvement and without attachment
  • “how do you get to 5D without mastering 3D?” – learning to walk before you fly
  • having an overflowing cup that fills the cups of others
  • getting really honest with ourselves about what we want, and the expansion it invokes when we begin to move in this direction

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