Tuning into & Taking Inspired Action with Bryan M. Henry | AWB #70

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What if the only thing that we ever had to do was act on what felt most inspiring and true? What if this were the answer to catalyzing your highest purpose, desires, and intentions?
Here is my experience with tuning into and taking what I call inspired action. Here is why I believe this is the means by which we walk our highest path and endure our greatest experience. Here is my invitation to you.

In This Episode I Explore:

  • why taking inspired action should be your highest priority
  • blurring the lines between selfish and selfless; there is no need for self-sacrifice
  • cultivating momentum and being in a clear sense of knowing around what the next best step is
  • the importance of taking your best guess
  • the vast difference between fighting with your reality and acting in a state of joyful creation
  • my experiences with the ‘results’ I’ve seen in my life when I am consistently taking inspired action
  • an invitation to you

Shift Your Subconscious Beliefs to Tune into Inspiration

If you’d like to receive my support in clarifying your wants and tuning into the calling of your purpose, through an Alignment-Activation session I can help with you this. So many today are still in search of a purpose and path that fulfills them, and it’s in first finding clarity around this path that becomes the first step in walking it.
In an Alignment-Activation session we will work with your subconscious mind, the house of both your limiting beliefs and deepest knowing, to create for the shifts that will allow for you to access this knowing. It is here and only here that you will find what it is you are looking for. Because, the answers are all found within, and it’s in aligning with this that you’ll catalyze your highest purpose and desires.


Hello Ascender! My name is Bryan M. Henry and I’m the Founder of Together We Ascend & Host of the Awaken Podcast.

On my mission to support the collective consciousness in it’s ascension, I’ve recognized it as being of purpose to unite and activate lightworkers. The Activation Process that I’ve created is able to activate in an awakening leader their higher purpose.

If you’d like to connect, co-co-create, and/or work with me; please feel free to schedule us in for call to do so.

Here are next steps you for you to take on your ascending journey:

1) Enjoy the Show? Subscribe to & Review the Awaken Podcast on Your Favourite Podcasting Platform

Here are next steps you for you to take on your ascending journey:

1) Enjoy the Show? Subscribe to & Review the Awaken Podcast on Your Favourite Podcasting Platform

If you are one of those souls that came to this planet to serve the ascension of the collective consciousness, we're looking for you...

The Ascend Academy is Uniting & Activating Lightworkers

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