Keep Moving Forward | The Arcturian Council [Video]

Keep Moving Forward | The Arcturian Council [Video]

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You don’t have to be perfect, and neither does everything around you. These are lessons, trials, steps. You just have to keep moving, keep striving, keep reaching, keep learning, keep growing. And Keep your HEART OPEN. Keep moving forward.


“When you see or hear something that you have loved and recognized from the past, yet you don’t feel the same energetic experience…

Because… that thing… the vibration that it was on as it was being created by the Being or Beings that were creating it was a lower vibration than what you are on now…

So it would be a step down to you… to join that vibration again. It feels less than at this point, but it doesn’t mean that the thing was not beautiful, and not joy filled, and not needed at the time…

What it means is the thing is, was, will be, a step.

Each of these things is a step. You must not judge each other at which step you are, were, or will be, on.

And so it is not an insult to the Being… or the Beings… or even that thing, that music, that show, or whatever it is, to say that it is a step down to go back there. It is not an insult, it is merely a fact… because in fact, the being that created that thing, at that time, may also now be on their next step.

There is no judgment involved in this. And the point of this message is to NOT step backwards to NOT step down. Continue to move forward.

Ever moving forward, that is the message. It is not an insult to the past. It is not an insult to the Beings who created the beautiful thing that has brought you forward along your way. It is not an insult to do that. Instead it is honoring that which has helped move you forward.

It is in honor of that which has moved you forward to continue to move forward… Because that was the point. That was the point of the evolution, that was the point of the expansion, that was the point of the step. And if you move backwards…
You missed the point… And you dishonor the step…

Keep moving forward.”

– The Arcturian Council Channeled by Yolanda Marie


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