July 11th-15th, 2021


You will DISCOVER..

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AND you will Activate..

The Activated State

in the activated state, you move with a sense of clarity, passion, & flow


there is a gift within you that is waiting to be unlocked, and It's in discovering and giving this gift that you'll be propelled into the upcoming chapter of serving your higher purpose


on your highest timeline, you are enduring the grandest sense of fulfillment & abundance available to you

What's on the agenda?

Day 1: Sunday, July 11th @ 11:00am EST

Remembering Who You Are & Why You Are Here

Begin the journey by discovering the choice you made, and the purpose you serve in the ascension process taking place on our planet.

Day 2:  Monday, July 12th  @ 3:00 EST

Shifting Your Limiting Beliefs & Resolving Your Energetic Blocks

Your limiting beliefs are the only thing that can hold you back, you will resolve these blockages as to allow for your higher knowing and potential to shine through.

Day 3: Tuesday, July 13th  @ 5:00pm EST

Manifesting Abundance & Fulfillment in Your Purpose

There is a reality in which a grand sense of fulfillment and abundance is available to you, and it's found on that path of your purpose. It's come to tune into this experience.

Day 4: Wednesday, July 14th  @ 3:00pm EST

Discovering & Defining Your Greatest Gift

There is a gift within you that is waiting to be unlocked, and it's your greatest gift. Not only will you begin to discover this gift, but you tp will also begin to define what this is going to look like in the physical.

Day 5: Thursday, July 15th  @ 5:00pm EST

[BONUS] Launching & Growing Your Own Conscious Brand

As a bonus, for the lightworkers who are feeling called to give their gifts through their own conscious business, we will begin to explore the ins & outs of doing so.


In 2017, I took a leap of faith and went all in with my serving my higher purpose through my own conscious business. In these past 4 years I have worked with and supported 100+ lightworkers in activating their own gifts and purpose. In this experience I have come to understand how to work with the subconscious belief systems and energies that are at the basis of what one is expressing in their life.

If you’ve heard the inner calling to begin expressing a greater purpose and potential, I invite to you join me for this live series through which I will be supporting you in activating your highest purpose, your gifts, and your potential.

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