Magnetizing to your Divine Counterpart | with the Arcturian Council [video]

Magnetizing to your Divine Counterpart | with the Arcturian Council [video]

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As always, set an intention to receive these words through your heart space. Love you my friends? Transcript below

Key Points (remember, all exists in both):

  • The Feminine relaxes into the knowing and being of her femininity (wisdom, creativity, movement of power/energy, nurturer) clearing the distortions of 3D manipulation
  • Masculine relaxes into the posture of natural energetic assertion (wisdom, singularly focused power/energy) clearing the distortions of 3D manipulation
    (This seems simple, but when it is not in your conscious awareness, it can be easy to miss.)
  • 3D manipulation is the training into social roles with the intention of producing conflict, drama, or imbalance…
    • Also, biological memory distortions passed genetically through the DNA (from generation to generation, primarily from human lifetimes)
    This produces incomplete unions dependent on outside interference or imbalanced unions based on a power over others dynamic…
    All of this is intended to create distraction, keep the masses powerless and focused in the wrong direction.
    (Remember to stay in the heart while revisiting this.)
  • There is an energetic understanding that occurs between the Feminine and Masculine
    (created as both counterparts clear and balance and the distorted definitions)
    The clearer they become, the stronger the pull. The Universal Energy (synchronistic force) increases
    in speed putting events and circumstances in place to draw the two together.

Two Options

  • You can pull these together within one Self.
    Or, to intentionally co-create a physical relationship (Union):
  • Relax into either dominant dynamic (Masculine or Feminine) in order to pull the opposite polar dynamic to you, creating a physical Union between two incarnated Beings
    The key is to RELAX into this natural energetic understanding, consciously (but NOT distorted version!)

By holding this information consciously in your awareness, you will…
Pull your Divine Counterpart to you more quickly and easily
Balance and heal already existing relationships (between two aligned compatible partners)

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