Mastering the Chemicals In Your Body (in Relation To Emotions) | with The Arcturian Council [video]

Mastering the Chemicals In Your Body (in Relation To Emotions) | with The Arcturian Council [video]

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The Arcturians:

To step into the process of attaining true mastership of our authentic power of manifestation and being, begin to control the chemicals. You can guide them. You can steady them and then eventually you can guide the manner in which they release, in which the neurotransmitters release, consciously with practice.

This is already done through cognitive therapy on a more subconscious level with humans who are not awake, and takes a very long time. However, as your frequency raises, you will be able to more effectively gain control over this part of your process. As you steady yourself, buoy yourself, and move forward, shedding those layers, allowing more of your true frequency and nature to emerge, you will be able to provide for yourself the limits.

You will provide for yourself the limits in which you can increase certain chemicals and decrease others, as you move forward through this. And as you move forward, the limits will increase. You will be able to have more and more control over the rate of release.

This is happening in your body now. Some of you are doing it consciously and unable to grasp or really believe that you are doing it, but you are. Once you believe that you are doing it, your ability to provide this mechanism to yourself will increase. We thank you for your journey and we love you.

End transmission.

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