Move Forward in Thought (Always be doing this) | The Arcturian Council

Move Forward in Thought (Always be doing this) | The Arcturian Council

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As always, set an intention to receive these words through your heart space. Love you my friends? Transcript below

The Arcturians:
Just remember that when you begin to ruminate into what you have not (or what you observe as what you have not) desired… or what you do not appreciate about life, how people around you have been, how a situation that you were in has been… remember to think forward into that which you desire it to BE.

Move from that thought forward in thought. Not forward in time. You may think of it as forward in time, but it is merely forward in space… bringing that layer of space to overlap into your moment. But either way, think forward into what you wish to bring about (or you could describe it to yourself this way).

Think forward into (or open up into) what you wish it to be, the details. Imagine the details of what you wish it to be. In the imagination brings the thought forms… and as the thought forms come together, they will begin to synchronize. This is a process that will become expedient as you engage it. As you engage it, you begin to understand the details yourself more fully.

But the details are unimportant in terms of when and how. The “what” is even less important than you realize. It is the broader picture, because the details will reorganize themselves as pressure flows forward. As pressure builds up and pushes the wave of energy (of accumulation of energy), of manifestational energy forward… as the wave pushes forward, then the elements (the corrective elements) push back in terms of balance.

And this is why the details can change. The details will resynchronize all of the time as long as you hold your image of desired outcome and your frequency at a high baseline.

Do not struggle over this. Allow this to naturally occur as you clear your lower frequency thought forms and occurrences (which means not the situation itself, but how your body responds to the situation). Clear these things.

This comes down to your KNOWING. The highest frequency… the most beautiful frequency, the connective tissue of the universe… is Love. And the love is in the “knowing” and “being” and understanding… living your experiences, but with the knowing of All That Is… and slowly, steadily stepping into your power of God as you let go.

It’s a process. We wish you to join us in this endeavor of lifting the universe into its highest aspects in the cosmos, in all creation. We move forward. We love you. We are the Arcturian Council. We Arcturians wish to be a dynamic part of your existence. We wish to commune with you and be with you always throughout this journey. We are special to you and you to us. We want you to know we love you.
End transmission.

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Blessings my friends?

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