Overcoming Fear & Resistance | AWB #66

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We will always be capable of more than we can imagine. Pushing up against the boundaries of our perceived limitations, has a way of invoking in us a sense of fear and inner resistance. If we fail to face this, if we fail to overcome this fear, it be the only thing that can hold us back.
Here’s how we overcome fear and inner resistance.

In This Episode I Explore:

  • why we experience fear/resistance and how it can actually serve us
  • addressing both sides of coin, resolving our fear and acting in the face of it
  • how to allow fear to be felt, processed, and dissolved
  • action as a means of breeding confidence and dissolving doubt
  • why we should embrace fear

Notable quotes

  • Inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action breeds confidence and courage.”
  • “it’s less about the outcome, and more about what we become”

Resources Mentioned In This Episode

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