Questions We Should Be Asking (As The Year Comes To The End)

Questions We Should Be Asking (As The Year Comes To The End)

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As we begin to move towards the end of the calendar, many find themselves in a mode of reflection (and soon, relaxation!). It seems to be a natural tendency to look back at the year, feel like it flew by, and then ponder on how this time was spent. When and if you find yourself doing this, there likely isn’t any getting away from your most authentic assessment of how your year went. You’re probably either feeling happy and fulfilled with how things panned out, or wishing that it went differently.

Whichever of these two camps you fall under, I do believe that it always best serves us to look at both sides. I encourage you to begin with asking questions like:

“What great things came from this year?” “What can I be grateful for having happened?” “What wins can I celebrate?”

Bringing focus to the positive perspective supports us in being in our highest vibration. It’s one of the most important things you can do to look into your experiences for the positives and points of gratitude, to then expand on these feelings.

But equally important and integral to living through this positive lens and ascending in our vibration, is our willingness to learn from the less pleasant experiences. Because it’s from these types of experience that we can extract some profound insights and points of growth.

Questions like, “what didn’t go as how I would’ve liked it?” opens way for then asking expansive questions like, “what can I learn from these experiences?” and “how can I use what has unfolded in response to my choices to make choices that better serve me moving forward?”

You see, as I’ll always come back to, this is just as much about us being radically accepting of, grateful for, and enjoying of the experience that we are in, whilst also being in the intention of evolving and expanding into more. Both of these intentions and energies come together in our highest state and experience.

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