Say “Yes” to Soul Desire

Say “Yes” to Soul Desire

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What part of you is believing that you are not where you want to be? In other words, what of this moment are you judging as unwanted.

Your attention placed on any aspect of your experience not only emphasizes it, but is creating it. The only power that any object of experience has comes from one’s attention on it. Thus, judging something as (and inherently focusing on) not wanted, has a way of keeping it around.

But there is also no lying to ourselves about our preferences and desires. Our desires are valid, and as long as they are not diminishing of another’s experience, it’s quite alright to want what we want. In fact, when we get in touch with the core of our Being, our innermost desires are one’s of contribution and compassion. Desire is the fuel to life and creation, and if we learn to effectively channel this energy, it can catalyze the manifestation of a higher experience for ourselves, and for all.

So how do we do this then? How do move into a more preferred and fulfilling experience?

We stop saying “no”, and we start saying “yes.”

Rather than give energy to that which you don’t want, by focusing on it, you focus your energy and awareness on that which you do want. You focus on perceiving of what you want more, and know that your impeccable faith welcomes it in.

Your awareness is the life source, your power to create. Resisting something creates/perpetuates the experience of it being around to resist (“what you resist, persists). But when you shift your attention from what you’re saying “no” to, to what fall under “yes”, you get more of the yeses and the nos begin to naturally slip away. This is the means by which we welcome in greater joy and and abundance.

Start saying yes to Soul desire, yes to self-love, and yes to heart. 

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