Welcome to the ascending journey

The world is awakening. Things are changing for the better.
And you’re here to help make this happen.
Our current era is seeing a tremendous shift in the collective consciousness of humanity. Each day, more and more people are rising to greater awareness of who and what we really. We are beginning to connect more deeply to the truth that we are, and that this is, so much more than we may have previously believed or perceived.
And being that you have found yourself on this planet, and landed upon this page, during these exciting times, means that you came here to help guide us through this journey of rising awareness. This is the journey of ascension.


We are pure consciousness, we are multidimensional, and we are pure energy.

Ascension is the rising to more expanded states of consciousness and higher vibratory states of energetic frequency. As we move towards this, as we ascend, we become a fuller embodiment of our true and Higher Selves. This bringing forth of higher dimensional aspects of ourselves into our direct experience, is characterized by the experience of greater states of being, a greater sense of connection with the world and those around us, and a greater expression of awareness and potential.

As we ascend, we grow more united, joyous, and powerful.


Our highest truth is that we are all of the same Source, and everything and everyone is connected as One (the truth of Oneness). The journey of awakening and ascension is one and the same with reconnecting to Oneness. As we rise to higher states of consciousness, and as we raise our vibration, a greater experience of Oneness is brought into our realities.

The result; people feeling more connected to one another, being more compassionate and kind to each other, and the collective coming together to move towards a common goal. Because, as soon as we realize that what we call “we” is really also entirely “you” and entirely “me”, we recognize that we are in this together, and it is together that we are our strongest.
Stronger unity, greater equality, more harmony.. we could all agree that this world could never do with enough of these things, it’s what we all really want. Together, we can create this New Earth that we have all been longing for.


In connecting to Oneness, we realize that we are the infinite consciousness that governs and projects into all that is – we are quite literally the creators of our own reality.

As a Co-Creator, when you raise your vibration, when you ascend, we all do. And in doing so, you carry out the highest purpose you can serve; assisting the Earth in it’s planetary ascension.
It’s this that we’ve come here to do.

Being here in this moment reading this, is evidence that prior to coming into physical incarnation, your Higher Self had the pre-birth intention of supporting Gaia (Mother Earth) in her ascension. It’s come time that you begin to remember the “you” that is beyond the limited sense of self that you have mentally constructed in your physical experience as a human.

As previously mentioned, you are a multidimensional being, with aspects of Self residing in higher dimensions. Your “connection” to your higher dimensional Self, allows you the capacity to bring forth higher dimensional light onto Earth, which raises it’s planetary vibration.

The key to opening up as the channels for light that we are, is in connecting to our Higher Self, aligning with our inner guidance, and resonating at the vibration of Unconditional Love. This is the calling of a lightworker
In the knowing of our Higher Self, we are guided in the direction of our greatest bliss. And in moving in this direction we begin to naturally and effortlessly bring our greatest gifts into the world. 
This gift emerges from the unique spark found in all Beings. A musician’s who’s music strikes joy in the hearts of others, the elementry school teacher who brings the best out of their students, the healer who helps others find energetic balance – there’s a lightworker in them all. Our highest purpose, and brightest light, comes through us when we align with our inner guidance and move into our joy. 
How great is it that the best thing that we can do for our world, is follow our heart, and do what brings us the greatest amount of joy. In this place of alignment, you are living the type of life that you are meant to and deserve to live.
So whether you’ve yet to see/recognize it in yourself, you are what I call a lightworker. You are an absolutely essential and integral aspect of this all. And as you ascend to your purpose and power, we all do. Because together we ascend.

If you're ready to step into your power and come alive in your purpose, here are your next steps:

In an Alignment-Activation session, you will work Bryan to activate alignment with and flow in your Higher Purpose. You will come out of this session with a sense of clarity around who you are and why you’re here.

I’ll say it again, this is a together thing. And this is why at the core of what Together We Ascend is, is a community. The Ascenders community hosted on Facebook, is a place for lightworkers and those on the awakening journey to come together to connect, share, learn, and inspire.

Whether you realized it or not, everything has been leading up to this point – you’ve been on the ascending journey for a very long time. But as you step into a new chapter in your story, we would love to continue to guide you in your ascension. On our website, Bryan and our contributing Ascenders share wisdom and insight to help you continue to heighten your state of consciousness, shift to greater states of being, and carry out your highest purpose.

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-Bryan M. Henry

What’s up Ascender? I’m Bryan M. Henry, the Founder of Together We Ascend and creator of the Ascender Mentorship. It is my mission to contribute as greatly as I can to the movement towards collective ascension and unity consciousness. I do this by activating and mentoring Ascenders/lightworkers like you. 

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