The Importance of Human Experience | The Arcturian Council

The Importance of Human Experience | The Arcturian Council

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As always, set an intention to receive these words through your heart space. Love you my friends? Transcript below

The Arcturians:
It is advantageous that you see and feel yourself on the earth as human… as you go about living amongst each other and with each other.

You can rewrite and fashion the code in a way that is functional toward your truth, your true identity, your true nature, your natural way of being, if you are present and at one with yourself, your human self. You can go through these experiences focused as a human… and as focus itself… as focus in form, so that you may maneuver your reality.

And thus it is more expedient if you are one with nature around you, including the parts that do not necessarily feel righteous. These things are the mask, the distortion anyway, and you can clear what needs to be cleared and is not functional within your desired rising frequency.

So you see you can inhabit the truth, persevere through circumstances that you no longer require in order to re-write the code to the circumstances that you do require.

This experiencing is necessary for the function of all of you to transcend the indignity of living less than beyond your function… living less than your powerful truth. We love you! We are with you, always with you. We are the Arcturian Council.

End transmission.

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Blessings my friends?

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