The State to Deliberately Create

The State to Deliberately Create

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It is within your domain as a sovereign Being to desire and create an intended experience. This is done by drawing creative power to the thoughts that you focus upon – this is the ability of the mind; an extraordinary tool.
Mindfulness (being aware of your thoughts) then is essential to using this tool effectively to deliberately create. Realize that you need not identify with nor give energy to a thought that has come into your awareness. Your thoughts do not define you – more important than the thoughts you witness is how you choose to respond to them.
You can watch a thought that does not serve you and let it simply pass on by. Don’t try to fight these thoughts, because that too gives it energy – what you resist, persists. Rather, watch these lower frequency patterns with acceptance and non-judgement. See them as just an experience, remaining rooted in the knowing that you don’t need to let them waver your state of being.
In the same way, you can choose to fuel the thoughts that support you and your highest intentions. This is a practice of putting your faith where it feels right/good to. Reshaping belief structures about ourselves can be a process, but know that in any/ever moment you are given a fresh slate to choose how you think about yourself and the world around you. You are under no obligation to keep on thinking nor living like you have been. Reach for the more empowering thought, choose the one that feels even just slightly better.
Lastly, this practice of being a conscious creator, parallels embodying a state of groundeness, steadiness, and ease. Make allowing yourself to be in such a state of primary importance. Mindfulness, inner peace, and conscious creation all happen in unison.

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