This Is the Heart Chakra

This Is the Heart Chakra

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The chakras are portals or structures which help to channel and integrate subtle energy into the physical body. The heart chakra is the 4th chakra and one of the easiest of the main 7 to recognize because it holds the equilibrium for the others – the heart chakra is directly in the middle; there is 3 below it and 3 above it. It corresponds with the heart, lungs, upper back, blood circulation and thymus glands making it very important as it produces our hormones and has severe importance to our immune system. This heart center is also the regulator of our emotional life. This is truly where we feel; love and grief.

An Unbalanced vs. Balanced Heart Chakra
The unbalanced heart chakra is associated with bodily illnesses such as asthma, allergies, pneumonia and heart disease. One becomes concerned with their emotional security and comfort and has trouble with self-acceptance and compassion.

An aligned heart chakra is quite the opposite of all those things listed before. A heart chakra that is balanced will have you feeling loving, loved, compassionate, accepting of self and others and even fulfilled!

How to Feel your Heart Chakra

Place your hand right in the middle of your chest. Cultivate the feeling of love for yourself, for others, for life. Pay attention to the feelings that arise. Tune in. When you feel giddy, when you feel passionate, when your chest feels like it’s full of bubbles and you can’t help but smile… that is your heart chakra! It is the easiest one to pin point and be aware of because this is where you feel all your emotions whether they are happy or sad ones.
Try This!
1) Come into a comfortable seated position. Take a couple of deep breaths here to come into your body. Focus on the center of your chest. What does it feel like? You may feel sensations of warmth, of heat, of pulsing. You may feel tightness, lumps, or sticky. You may even feel excited, jittery. Whatever it is that you feel, make that feeling more at ease though breathing into it.
2) Visualize a green (the correlating color of the heart chakra) orb, or ball, or light if you will in this region. Is it looking dull or small? Try making it more vibrant in color and larger. You see, there are many ways in which we can feel into our chakras, and visualization is a very powerful way.

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