Transcend the “Me” & Answer your Soul’s Calling

Transcend the “Me” & Answer your Soul’s Calling

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Move beyond it being about the “me” and see what you become.

There are moments in which our awareness is called towards personal healing and inner work. In these moments, it’s best that we give the parts of ourselves the attention that it needs. But the aim should be for this to be less and less necessary. 

Separation is an illusion, and focusing attention in on the character one is playing perpetuates this illusion. This cuts us off from the flow of our higher energies and greater essence.

On the other hand, when we direct our attention on a vision and intentions that goes beyond what we get, and shifts the focus on what we give, we expand into a sense of Oneness and deepen our connection with life. This is because what we are in essence is beyond the boundaries of our skin – we are more truly one with All That Is. Thus, by acting in alignment with serving others, we are inherently serving a greater aspect of ourselves. When we do so, we draw greater Source Energy into our Being (i.e. raise our vibration) and expand into what we truly are. Nothing can bring a greater sense of fulfillment than this. 

Egoic Desire vs. Soul Calling

This isn’t about not having desires. If desire is present, it’s important that we honour them. Desire fuels us in our expansion and if approached right, we can draw energy from the experience of them.
It’s egoic desire and attachment that we should strive to shed.
Egoic desire comes from the mind and feeds into the sense of separation. These are the desires that somewhere in the mind may be saying is wanted, but on some level just doesn’t feel “right”. Attachment is reflective when one is able to be emotionally swayed by a desire. If a desire can affect how you feel, it’s time to look within and take back your power to cultivate joy in and of yourself. In your power, truly nothing can affect your frequency, but you.
Deeper than egoic desire is the calling of your soul. It is this calling that guides us in our ascension. Moving towards this is the path to a higher frequency and greater state of Being.
Our soul’s highest calling is always beyond the “me” and rooted in love and Oneness.
Lastly, know that there is no right or wrong, there is simply choice. You have the choice to trust yourself and emotions, the choice to go after one thing or the other. Only in tuning into your own inner guidance may you find the answer to which choice feels most right to you.
And when you do, move in that direction with all of you. Above anything, including any of these words you’ve just read, trust yourself.

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