What is Your Life Calling You Into? (Answering Your Highest Calling) with Anthony Thompson | Awaken Ep. 45

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You are always being called into higher levels of consciousness, authenticity, and embodiment. There is always a higher calling. Anthony Thompson is here to help you, the leaders of a New Earth, with answering this calling.

As a result of living in a state of presence and authentic expression, Anthony Thompson is experiencing magic in his life. He is himself is actively stepping into new chapters of his evolution, which is he does by consistently coming back to his “master question”: “what is Life calling you into?”.  As he operates from this state and continues to , what comes through him in his work (and this conversation), is some powerfully guiding insights that will help you answer this question for yourself.

In this episode of the Awaken Podcast, you’ll be invited into and supported into your highest calling and what Life is calling you into 


In This Episode Anthony & I Discuss:

  • living from a state of pure presence, authenticity, sensitivity, and non-negotiation with life
  • Anthony’s “master question” to be asking yourself
  • Connecting to the heart of your pure desire and highest vision
  • Realigning and reigniting
  • The shift from the force (the old paradigm) to flow (the new way to authentic success)

Our Guest: Anthony Thompson

Anthony is a modern day guide and visionary who offers a simple, inspiring approach for people to unlock their consciousness and live their vision. 

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He is incredibly gifted in activating the soul of a person, helping them to ignite the flame of their own inner wisdom and lead a life with courage and authenticity. In his own unique, heart-centred approach

Anthony brings together universal wisdom into simple, understandable tools and insights that people can apply directly to their own lives.


Resources Mentioned:

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