You Are Asking, But Are You Open to Receive?

You Are Asking, But Are You Open to Receive?

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You are asking, asking, and asking.. but are you open to receive?

“Ask and you shall receive” holds more truth than most can imagine, but still, it does not hold the whole truth.

Ask.. identify and resolve your blockages, stay clear and open, be in tune and in alignment.. and THEN you will receive.

So many of us are experts at the first part of this process. We ask and we ask. And while many would be served by cultivating greater clarity around their desires, on some level I think most people know what they want. And so, the requests go out into the Universe.

But if all of this law of attraction thinking is so powerful, then why are so many still stuck in lackluster and unfulfilling realities? The answer to this does not lie on the side of asking, as much as it is on the side of receiving.

Now on the surface level, we all know it takes action to create what we wish to create, and inaction and procrasination is certainly a notorious killer of dreams. But even deeper and prior to that, is an important internal shift that many are not quite making.

This internal shift entails being clear of energetic blockages, which act as resistance to the frequency of your desires. Thus addressing these blockages is an essential step to be taken.

Envision a lid fitted on top of a cup, with water generously being poured into it. Most people’s desires can be likened to this analogy.

We say we want the things we want, but does all of us want it? If not all of us believes that we are capable of manifesting our desires, and if not all of us feels DESERVING of what we desire, this becomes the lid on top the cup.

This is one of the reasons why cultivating self-love and a sense of self-worth is so important. If you don’t feel deserving of that which you desire, you close yourself off from receiving it. And so it becomes so important that we undergo the introspection that will bring to light any of the paradigms and beliefs that keeps you from loving yourself fully, and knowing with all of you that YOU ARE certainly deserving of joy and abundance.

You are innately deserving and capable of creating all that you ask for. Integrate this belief fully, and open up to receive.


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