You Chose This.

You Chose This.

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You chose this.
Look in the mirror, you chose this vessel. You chose the ways that your physical appearance would influence how others may perceive of you. How you may perceive of you.
You chose the learning experience of learning to love yourself in this skin.
Think about your parents. You chose them. You chose the ways in which they would raise you, the ways they would treat you.
Your romantic relationships, your friends, your interactions, you chose them as well. You chose the suffering and hardship that all of these relationships would bring.
Your trials, your tribulations, your failures, your glory. Your path, your obstacles, your purpose, your worries.
You chose and are choosing it all.
You chose these things because you’ve chosen the lessons, the growth, and the moments that these experiences bring.
So when it becomes difficult, feels bleak, or just doesn’t make any sense, remember that you could’ve chosen anything, but you chose this.
How incredible must this be, for you to have decided that this was the greatest choice to make?

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