Your Power of Self Love | the Arcturian, Pleiadian, and Andromedan Councils

Your Power of Self Love | the Arcturian, Pleiadian, and Andromedan Councils

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Self-centeredness and focus on self in terms of only on oneself and not to the benefit of the other is the antithesis of what you’re trying to do. But on the other hand, self-focus… to be so focused in a loving way, loving self-focus… in a way that is congruent with what you see for the collective as well… So in other words, when you’re loving yourself and focused in a way, that what you’re feeling is what you wish for the collective to feel and it is not disconnected or detached from there it is much more helpful than only focusing on the other.

 Because everything starts with you. Your world is a projection of what you are creating in terms of how it interacts with you. It doesn’t mean that the energies that you interact with aren’t independent. That is not what that means. You are not the All, creator of everything and everything else is dancing to your tune. That is not what this means. But what it does mean is that the way that it interacts with you is based on your own projection, your own focus, your own belief systems. All of these are aspects of creation that you do have within you. You are a creator Being. And so, these things are inherent in you… and you should use them not to your detriment, but to your benefit. 

To your detriment would be to use them at the expense of the other. That would be to your own detriment because you and the other are interlinked, interwoven, as the universe is learning this now in the most profound way through the experience of your ascension… in the restructuring of this entire process. But to denigrate the idea of your self-love as is ineffective, unhelpful, or wrong… that is in accurate. 

Your self-love is ever so important because as you raise your own frequency, even when you aren’t trying, you are pulling others into that frequency. Even when you aren’t trying to. Imagine what you would do when you set your intention in that direction, when you powerfully intend that those around you… those meaning not just the human beings, but everything around you flows with that, attracts to that, and upwards. Imagine when you set your intention in this way, what will happen. Blessings we love you we are the Arcturian Council and the Pleiadian Council and the Andromedan Council. We are congruent on this message for all of you dear ones. We are all with you. 

End transmission.

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